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Are you a professional management consultant? Are you an IMC member? Are you a CMC? Are you a member of a large, boutique or individual consulting practice?
The IMC Student Management Consulting mentors support excellence in student consulting business, nonprofit and the public sector.
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The Mentor's Opportunity with Joyce Gioia CMC and Professor Vivek Singhal CMC 02:13
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Our business management services provide companies and the individuals who run them with tools and strategies to improve operations and plan for the future. 

The objectivity and cross-platform insights which mentors bring to student consulting projects is educational. Organizations grow by structuring and guaranteeing consistent deliverables. New practicioners ask questions that haven't been asked in a while. The status quo "knows" the answers. New questions, new initiatives and start-ups invigerate established organizations and revolutionize customer needs and entire markets. Financial reporting standards, regulations, rules, contracts, and grants. Out with the old, in with the new. Change in our culture, technology and way(s) of life can pave a road to a company’s success.


The not for profit sector of our economy is of vital importance. Nonprofits, like for profit businesses, come in all sizes, shapes and variations. They are a mirror image of for profit with one fundamental difference. Their purpose for being is delivery of needed services, rather than stockholder value satisfying customer needs. The unique organizational circumstances will determine the strategies you may use to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of the nonprofit's services...

Public Sector

Help federal, state, local and multilateral development agencies address complex business issues; manage risk; and improve financial measures.

Project Categories

Our diverse list of project categories runs the gamut of areas in which consultants operate. Students may choose one category or up to three in which to apply. Below is a brief description of each of the categories.

Change Management

Managing change is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations of all sizes and types. This category will include your creative and innovative systems and processes for helping organizations not only cope with, but also embrace change.


This category includes research, marketing, and even sales strategies to help clients cope with ever-changing markets and consumer wants, needs, values, and attitudes. This category also encompasses any work of consultants in the work of "experience" and "engagement."

Effective Leadership

The greatest challenge facing most organizations today is leadership, not only developing current leaders by giving them more tools and abilities to envision and communicate their tomorrows. This category will also include creating frameworks for succession planning and growing tomorrow’s leaders.

Human Resources

The people side of business used to be taken for granted, but lately, organizations have been forced to appreciate the strategic and valuable contribution of their people. At the same time, Human Resources continues to suffer with a variety of issues consultants regularly help them address.

Information Technology

Including any and all IT issues and opportunities, this category could cover any area from computer programming to architecture, system components, telecommunication networks, infrastructure, enterprise resource planning, inventory modeling systems, customer relationship management systems, human relations management systems, process modeling, business process performance, data modeling, database management, electronic commerce, cybersecurity, risk assessment and artificial intelligence (AI).

Financial Services

Covering a wide range of industries from Banking and Insurance to Venture Capital and Equity Funding and Brokerage this category will focus on engagements with any of these types of companies.

Non-Profit Management

Including organizations as diverse as foundations to associations, from local charities to national initiatives, the category covers those engagements serving mankind without making a profit, though it may cover a profit-making arm of a non-profit.

Public Sector Management

This category includes all engagements that involve work for any agency, branch, or department of any national, state, city, or local government, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Apply Today!

We are passionate about developing long lasting relationships with our students. You are approaching the end of this stage in your student life. Graduation is not far away. You are currently employed, probably. You will probably change jobs. You may change careers as technology and culture invents new ways to contribute. Consulting is a way of thinking. Organizations benefit from both internal and external consultants. You may be employed as a consultant or begin your own consulting practice. You will certainly find yourself on teams which have a leader. Sometimes you will be the leader. Learn and practice active listening, objectivity and openness to new ideas while depending upon standard operating procedures until new best practices are tested and proven. There are many tools for organizational development, optimization and re-engineering to continuously improve (Zazen). Take your next step. Apply today!

We will communicate with you frequently and endeavor to support your career by patiently understanding your business environment and objectives. As your coach, we will take a keen interest in helping you achieve your business objectives by identifying weaknesses in your career/business and pointing you in the right direction for you and your company to succeed.

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