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Are you a dean, professor or administrator? Do you lead a college of business or another program? Does your school offer a curriculum project or class involving student consulting?
The IMC Student Management Consulting Awards program recognizes excellence in student consulting for business, nonprofit and the public sector.
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University and college presidents, deans and department chairs, are your graduating students really ready to go to work. Brandon, John Anderson, Joyce Gioia and Vivek Singhal discuss students being mentored by professional and certified IMC consultants. Students applying their education to assist community organizations gives them real-world work experience. The SMCA program can lead to internships, work while studying and career development for after graduation employment opportunities.


IMC members' business management services provide companies and the individuals who run them with tools and strategies to improve operations and plan for the future. 

With the advice and counsel of our members, students will bring to consulting projects refreshing and inspiring insights. Your local businesses can profit from these student insights and grow. Oftentimes, students with their fresh perspectives will ask questions that haven't been asked in a while, challenging the status quo and adding value. New questions, new initiatives and start-ups invigorate established organizations and can even revolutionize our customer approaches and possibly entire markets. Changes in our culture---both corporate and societal, new technologies and way(s) of life can pave the road for a company’s success.

Non-Profit Sector

The not-for-profit sector of our economy is of vital importance. Like for-profit businesses, nonprofits come in all sizes, shapes and variations. They are a mirror image of for-profit organizations with one fundamental difference. Their purpose for being is delivery of needed services, rather than increasing stockholder value by satisfying customer needs. These unique organizational circumstances will determine the strategies you may use to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in its delivery of services.

Public Sector

Student projects can go a long way towards helping federal, state, local governments as well development agencies address complex business issues, manage risk and improve financial measures. Governments---national, state and local are often overlooked by students in favor of technology and start-ups.

Our sponsors

We sincerely appreciate the support of our corporate and indvidual donors. These leaders support students in their professional development. They make it possible to support and reward student achievement applying what they learn directly to businesses and organizations.

NWBusinessLaw.com-David R. Denecke, attorney
Atkinson's Graduate School of Management
Strategic Business Management Co-Prof. Vivek Singhal
Miick.com-Rudy Miick FCSI CMC
BeCauseBusiness.com-John Eric Anderson MS MGT
Hamiltons Solutions Inc - Dr. Brandon Hamilton
The Herman Group Inc-Joyce Gioia MBA CSP CMC FIMC
Institute of Management Consultants-imcNOW.org

Project Categories

Our diverse list of project categories runs the gamut of areas in which consultants operate. Students may choose one category or up to three in which to apply. Below is a brief description of each of the categories.

Change Management

Managing change is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations of all sizes and types. This category will include your creative and innovative systems and processes for helping organizations not only cope with, but also embrace change.


This category includes research, marketing, and even sales strategies to help clients cope with ever-changing markets and consumer wants, needs, values, and attitudes. This category also encompasses any work of consultants in the work of "experience" and "engagement."

Effective Leadership

The greatest challenge facing most organizations today is leadership, not only developing current leaders by giving them more tools and abilities to envision and communicate their tomorrows. This category will also include creating frameworks for succession planning and growing tomorrow’s leaders.

Human Resources

The people side of business used to be taken for granted, but lately, organizations have been forced to appreciate the strategic and valuable contribution of their people. At the same time, Human Resources continues to suffer with a variety of issues consultants regularly help them address.

Information Technology

Including any and all IT issues and opportunities, this category could cover any area from computer programming to architecture, system components, telecommunication networks, infrastructure, enterprise resource planning, inventory modeling systems, customer relationship management systems, human relations management systems, process modeling, business process performance, data modeling, database management, electronic commerce, cybersecurity, risk assessment and artificial intelligence (AI).

Financial Services

Covering a wide range of industries from Banking and Insurance to Venture Capital and Equity Funding and Brokerage this category will focus on engagements with any of these types of companies.

Non-Profit Management

Including organizations as diverse as foundations to associations, from local charities to national initiatives, the category covers those engagements serving mankind without making a profit, though it may cover a profit-making arm of a non-profit.

Public Sector Management

This category includes all engagements that involve work for any agency, branch, or department of any national, state, city, or local government, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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We are passionate about developing long lasting relationships with our students. As students approach the end of their student life we offer them on going professional association resources. Consulting is a way of thinking. Organizations benefit from both internal and external consultants.

Learn and practice active listening, objectivity and openness to new ideas while depending upon standard operating procedures until new best practices are tested and proven. There are many tools for organizational development, optimization and re-engineering to continuously improve (Zazen). Take your next step. Contact Dr. Brandon Hamilton bhamilton.dba@gmail.com 708 - 897 - 9379 Central Time.

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