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On the "Students" page, you will learn about our process. Download the Intention to Apply (ITA), and the Student Kit. Learn about the eight consulting categories, evaluation criteria, FAQ and find an application. Once we receive your ITA, we will assign you a mentor. The mentor will coach you on completing your project for submission and consideration. Doing projects, working with a mentor and networking with students can enhance your education. Celebrate the process with us at our Awards Ceremony at Consult-Con 2021, IMC’s Virtual Annual Conference in November. Select the headline above, or right-arrow below, to go to the "Students" page. For more information, contact Liz Kemker at

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A few fortunate IMC Professional and CMC® members will have the chance to mentor one or more students, either an individual or a team of up to five students working on a client improvement project. Not only will you be giving back, but we can guarantee that you will learn from the students you mentor. If you are interested in mentoring students in your area of expertise, learn more by selecting the headline above or right-arrow below. There you will find our mentor application. For more information, contact John Anderson at
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Are you interested in meeting advanced students and recent graduates? Are you looking to promote your brand to students or established consultants? This IMC partnership connects you with high achievers refining their technical and interpersonal communication skills.   Discover university programs fostering student - professional exchange. Select the headline above or right-arrow below for more information about our Silver, Gold, and Platinum partnerships. The Platinum package includes naming rights and more. To download the corporate partnership package, contact our chair, Dr. Brandon Hamilton DBA at
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This IMC Student Management Consulting Awards competition gives students of universities, colleges and graduate schools excellent career experience. Imagine students from your school being recognized nationally for outstanding management consulting work? Your school's participation will distinguish the professional level of your business program. IMC USA recognition for your students' work and your business program will set them apart---giving your students an edge when interviewing for internships, summer and part-time employment, graduate admissions and career development opportunities. The Institute of Management Consulting has 500+ elite professional and certified members in 12 regional chapters There will be more opportunities to collaborate with students and work with professional consultants. Individual and student teams, working with a mentor, will be guided to finalize their project for submission. Winners will be announced at the Institute's national conference, Consult-Con, in November 2021.
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Change Management - Managing change is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations of all sizes and types. This category will include your creative and innovative systems and processes for helping organizations not only cope with, but also embrace change.
Human Resources -The people side of business used to be taken for granted, but lately, organizations have been forced to appreciate the strategic and valuable contribution of their people. At the same time, Human Resources continues to suffer with a variety of issues consultants regularly help them address.
Marketing/Branding - This category includes research, marketing, and even sales strategies to help clients cope with ever-changing markets and consumer wants, needs, values, and attitudes. This category also encompasses any work of consultants in the work of "experience" and "engagement."
Information Technology - Including any and all IT issues/opportunities, from programming to architecture, systems, telecommunications, infrastructure, enterprise planning, inventory, customer relationships, HR, process modeling/performance, data/database management, cybersecurity, risk and artificial intelligence (AI).

Effective Leadership - The greatest challenge facing most organizations today is leadership, not only developing current leaders by giving them more tools and abilities to envision and communicate their tomorrows. This category will also include creating frameworks for succession planning and growing tomorrow’s leaders.
Financial Services - Covering a wide range of industries from Banking and Insurance to Venture Capital and Equity Funding and Brokerage this category will focus on engagements with any of these types of companies.
Non-Profit Management - Including organizations as diverse as foundations to associations, from local charities to national initiatives, the category covers those engagements serving mankind without making a profit, though it may cover a profit-making arm of a non-profit.
Public Sector Management - This category includes all engagements that involve work for any agency, branch, or department of any national, state, city, or local government, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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